Five Day Short Term Course on Digital Controller for Power Electronic Applications

About the Course

The control aspects in the power electronics is important and as well as intricate by its own manner. Initially development of power electronics took place along with analog domain controllers but over the time as electricity demand rose and interfacing of different power generating systems viz., wind, solar and biogas to the grid requires perfect synchronization and as well as reliable control features. With the advent of smart and intelligent technologies, the usage of digital controllers took quick start and thus opening the new era in the power electronics.

To achieve the desired results several digital controllers are available and one such DSP controller is TMS320F28012. It is 32 -bit processor with code - efficient proficiency in C, C++, Assembly languages , etc . Features inherent to this controller suffices for current control demand applications ranging from closed loop control of DC - DC converters, DC-AC converters , AC-DC converters,etc